Via Verde Manacor Arta

29 kilometers (one way)

Time 1-2 hrs one way 

Via Verde Manacor Arta
Via Verde near Son Carrio

The Via Verde Manacor Arta is the gravel route most traveled in all of Mallorca – by tourists, cyclists, joggers and families.  The Via Verde is a rails to trails project that converted 29 kilometers of railroad track from Arta to Manacor.  Seven rest areas offer picnic tables, benches, bicycle racks, and garbage cans, but unfortunately there are no public restrooms (toilets.)

This isn’t exactly the challenging gravel bike route most of us are looking for, but if you want a safe car free environment to introduce a new rider to the sport or the idea of getting off the tarmac, this might be a great option. The Via Verde also could be used as a connector between other “wild” or more adventurous gravel sections. 

The train line from Manacor to Arta was active here from 1921 to 1977.  After the closure, the route fell into disrepair but was opened as a greenway in 2014. The Via Verde Manacor Arta is the only rails to trails project in the Balearic Islands.

The Via Verde is likely to become even more “verde” over time. Nearly 5000 new trees have been planted (Aleppo pine, Holm oak, wild olive, tamarind, London Plane Trees and mulberry) along with over 15,000 shrubs.  As these mature, they will bring some great shade to the trail in the hot summer months.

The northern terminus of the trail at Arta is at the former train station which has an adjacent parking lot and houses a visitor center. Unfortunately, the southern terminus in Manacor is much less official. There is no public car park at Manacor and it does not start at the old rail station.  Some trail users are apparently parking at the nearby Eroski grocery store on the Ma 4100.

The Via Verde trail passes by three former train stations along the former rail line.

First is the San Lorenzo station in Sant Llorenc de Cardasser which is 7.8 k from the start in Manacor. It’s great to see this station find new life as S’estació cafeteria restaurant.  

At 11.4 kilometers from Manacor sits the former San Miguel train station in Son Carrio. The Son Servera station is at kilometer 19.

At the end of the line is the former Arta train station which now houses an exhibition space and tourist information center. Traditional Mallorcan products and handicrafts are exhibited and sold. These include products made from palm fibers, leather, pottery and fabrics, but also honey, liqueurs and wine.

There are three short tunnels on the Via Verde route but none require lights for safe passage

The tunnels along the Via Verde include:

  • Sa Cova
  • Sa Punta
  • Son Sureda 80 meters and the longest

Via Verde Manacor Arta FAQs

Can I rent a bike to ride on the Via Verde?

Yes, there are numerous options for renting a bicycle in Manacor, Arta or Sant Llorenc. Mountain bikes are probably more common than gravel bikes at rental companies.

Who is allowed to use the Via Verde?

The Via Verde trail is open to non- motorized use. Cyclists, runners and walkers are all welcome to use the trail.

Does it cost money to ride the Via Verde ?

The Via Verde is free and there are no tickets or permits required.

Where should I park to ride the Via Verde?

Many people choose to start at either terminus in Manacor or Arta, but the other stations along the way also have parking options.

How long is the Via Verde Manacor Arta?

The former railway line is 29 kilometers one way from Manacor to Arta.

What is the best bike to ride on the Via Verde ?

The gravel path on the Via Verde is in good shape and experienced cyclists could ride the trail safely with a road bike. The wider tires of a gravel bike make for a more comfortable ride. A mountain bike is not necessary, but beginner cyclists may find themselves most comfortable on wide tires and an upright riding position.

What other rails to trails rides are there in Mallorca?

There are currently are not any other rail to trail conversions in Mallorca. The Via Verde is the only such trail in the Balearic Islands.

Via Verde Tunnel
Tunnel on Via Verde